Going to meet HAL

Proton Radiation Therapy Team


Proton Radiation Beam Alignment

I don’t know if I’m entering the Twilight Zone or just going on A Space Odyssey!  If you look closely, you’ll see red laser lines that are used to align my body for the proton radiation.  I didn’t feel anything, but after the ZAP, my cell phone on my belt was FRIED!  I can’t help but wonder what it is doing to my guts.  I completed my 5-day treatment last Friday, but my energy was also too zapped to post until today.



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2 responses to “Going to meet HAL

  1. Mark Augustin

    If you had to descibe this phase of treatment in one word, Zapped would be appropriate. Get lots of rest and do all you can to boost your imune system. Lots of antioxidants. You are in my thoughts a prayers throughout every day. Love Mark


  2. Barb Abney

    Rest Geno, and let the fitness you’ve achieved over all these years work for you.


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