T minus 13

Susan here again.

Gene feels appropriately named “Lab Rat” by his fellow swimmers, because of the many MRIs, CT-Scans, PET Scans, Photon Radiation Treatments, EKG,  blood tests and general probing he’s undergone the past month.    After spending a week at home “recuperating” from the low-dose chemo therapy (the last of his pre-surgery treatments), Gene arrived here in Boston Monday looking rather weak and ragged, and in pain.    But after 3 days of good nutrition and forced fluids, combined with fresh New England air and swimming, he is feeling much better.  He is stronger and practically pain-free.

Now just 13 hours away from surgery, Gene is tucked into bed, well fed and all loved up by his family.  We kids had a conference call with him tonight to envelop him with our love and support before going into surgery.   Gene is feeling well and strong, and is ready for surgery tomorrow.  His spirits are excellent.  He is a man of faith and is at peace with God’s will.

Gene’s surgery commences tomorrow at 9:30 AM EST. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.  As I hear about the surgery results and Gene’s recovery, I will post information here.

Finally, thank you to everyone for your love and support.  After only two weeks, Team Gene has raised 75% of goal.  This has significantly reduced Gene’s financial stress as he prepares for surgery, and allows him to focus on his recovery.



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3 responses to “T minus 13

  1. Barb Abney

    Thank you, Susan, for keeping us connected. I have been praying for Geno every day and appreciate the updates. He is an amazing person and friend.
    Barb Abney


  2. Roland

    Susan, Terry & Jim,
    62* weather this morning, hot tub was a big hit today. Every one of the Team Gene swimmers are thumbs up for his surgery and recovery. By
    Easter Sunrise service on the lake we should more then pass the fund raiser goals!
    Prayers are flowing for our friend. God Bless Gene and the rest of the Team Gene!
    Digger, Boo, Livingston, Hannah, Duncan, Snickerdoodle, and Ron.


  3. Amy

    Hoping and praying it went well.


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