Surgery Recovery Day 8: Update from Terry

We are a little behind on posts.  Here is one from Gene’s wife, Terry, for Day 8.

It has been eight days since Gene submitted his life into the hands of his surgeon under God’s will for Whipple Surgery for the treatment of  pancreatic cancer.  It is wonderful, miraculous and amazing for me to see him eating, drinking, walking, laughing and loving.  Yes he is weak sometimes, and pale sometimes, cantankerous sometimes, and a little slower physically and a bit skinny, but his gastric system is functioning, hallelujah!

Gene is on a diet of organic foods which are high in protein, low in fiber and low in sugar.  I’m so grateful that Susan (his daughter) is into nutrition and we are only giving him ‘pure foods’.  His digestive system is functioning without the aid of ‘manufactured enzymes in pill form’, another hallelujah!  I’m in charge of the medicine which I don’t like to administer at midnight and three-o’clock in the morning.  We spend our days by taking short walks in 30° weather, moving and breathing as much as possible and inventing new organic recipes like organic chocolate ice cream with hot organic peanut butter sauce and cream of wheat with butter and garlic.

In addition to the meals (6 small ones per day), we find time to pray, read, play Words With Friends,  Dominoes, use FaceTime with family/friends, answer email and take a nap or two. Currently I’m reading “No Easy Day”, (a recent book about the life of a Navy SEAL} by Mark Owen, orally to Gene.  Gene was a lifeguard in Wildwood, NJ before joining the United States Marine Corps in 1950.   He applied for Underwater Demolition Team training, (UDT was  the forerunner of the SEALS) but was not considered because he was deemed to be a short-timer in his “indefinite enlistment”.

During this recovery and rest period Gene is restricted to only a few phone calls a day with duration of three minutes or less.  He is so fortunate to have such loving care from Susan, Jim, family, friends and myself.  We are at 89% of the fundraising goal! Thank you, thank you, thank you.



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