Surgery Update Day 11: Lymph Nodes Negative and Margins Clear!!!

Another update from Terry:

The news keeps getting better.  Gene, Susan and I sloshed our way through eight inches of new snow to the train bound for Boston’s North Station en route to  Massachusetts General Hospital this morning.  Gene had an appointment with his surgeon to have him look at the redness in the area of his abdomen around his drainage tube (sorry about the graphics).  

Dr. F. smiled and probed Gene’s abdomen in a few places and then told his colleague to remove the staples from the incision.  As all 18 staples were removed, Dr. F.said he was pleased with the healing process and called Gene a ‘rock-star’.  He was also a bit surprised to learn that Gene had stopped taking his pain medication because it has been only eleven days since the surgery.  

He said that the pathology report was complete and then, as we all held our breath, said;  “All 26 lymph nodes  have come back negative and margins are clean.”   We cried grateful tears and hugged Gene.

To echo the words of Dr. F.;”Thank God!”  This is another Passover/Easter that I will never forget!



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2 responses to “Surgery Update Day 11: Lymph Nodes Negative and Margins Clear!!!

  1. Jill Levin

    Hallelujah!!!! Negative lymph nodes and clean margins! It doesn’t get much better than that! As a cancer survivor, I remember vividly the trepidation I experienced while waiting for pathology reports. I am glad that Gene and his loved ones have gotten to experience the joy of that report. And I’m just wondering, why did it take Dr. F so long to realize that Gene is a rock star? Way to go Gene!!!


  2. Barb Abney



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