Ridin’ Waves

Gotta Catch This

Gotta Catch This

Chemo therapy is like surfing great waves.  One moment you are flying high, full of excitement


Ridin’ High

and then…





Then you struggle for days to get back up on the crest.

I typically lose 3 pounds in the 2 or 3 days following the chemo therapy injection and it normally takes me the rest of the week to gain it back.  I am fortunate that I have no nausea and I have my hair.

Unfortunately, I get severe stomach cramps and extreme fatigue.  On the brighter side, I only have 13 more sessions to go, but



I’d rather be wrestling alligators.

(a note from Terry)

Only 13 more chemo therapy sessions to go, hallelujah!

The first five sessions were not that horrible unless one enjoys having steroids and gemcetabine jammed into their bloodstream via an intravenous feeding tube with a Nazi nurse administering the formula at the other end.  Then to top it off, one gets to be curled up in a ball with abdominal cramps for two consecutive days.

Actually, the nurses are quite personable and the steroids apparently allow one’s body to accept the cancer fighting chemicals without too much resistance or an immediate drug reaction. Gene and I have made these chemo-sessions into kind of a “date” in that I pack a picnic lunch for Gene, we share intimate conversations (as we can’t talk very loudly in front of the other 14 patients) and I read books to him.  As I stated in a March blog, we read “No Easy Day” by Mark Owen about the capture of  Osama Bin Laden as told by a Navy Seal.   Some of the e-books that we have read and enjoyed are;  “A Convenient Solution” by Trevor Whitton ,  (a 13th century murder mystery), “The Poor Rich  Man” by Mary Rhienhart (a well written story about a humble yet very powerful man in the early 20th century.

We have just completed and given a ‘two-thumbs-up’ to a murder mystery written by Vincent M. Lutterbie;  “After The Facts, An After Cofman Mystery”.  It was an entertaining read about a rookie private investigator and his first case.  One of my favorite and most memorable lines from the story was;  “He was so straight arrow that he made me quiver.”  This is funny if you get the point.

At this particular time of our lives, I have to agree with Groucho Marx who coyly stated;  “Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend; inside of a dog, it’s too dark to read.”

When Gene is riding the “crest”, he manages to transact some business.  I am SO looking forward to transforming our dining room into an RF testing station

Spectrum Analyzer

Spectrum Analyzer

so that we can actually work from home.  I hope we get the order.

Most of my time has been spent at home in the kitchen, in the garden and in front of my computer.  I have made some new friends:

Terry's Tamatas

Terry’s Tamatas

The Vitamix is also my friend as I use the this blender at least twice day and the Smoothie of the Month is:


  • 4.5 oz             Coconut Milk (about 1/3 can)              217 calories
  • 1 scoop          Natural 100% Whey Protein                 100 calories
  • ½ each          Banana (frozen)                                         50 calories
  • ½ cup           Pineapple (frozen)                                      50 calories
  • 6 each            Coconut Water Ice Cubes                         20 calories
  • 1 tsp               Coconut Nectar                                           20 calories

                                   Total delicious calories:                          457

And finally, the Word of the day:

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”   Philippians 4:13


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One response to “Ridin’ Waves

  1. Connie De Smet

    Hi Gene – Well, I’d rather talk to a person that read the computer, but it’s better than nothing. I try and reach you again soon. So very very glad you have not lost your hair, but not happy to hear about the cramps. Will they last as long as your treatment? Hopefully, they will pass very soon. \
    There is a book I mentioned to you a while back taht y ou may be interested in reading. It is by D. H. Lawrence – a well known writer inthe history of literature. It is a short book called, “The May Who Died.” and is about Christ rising from the dead. It is very human and touching – made me feel much closer to Christ that anything I’d encountered before (including Catholic school!)
    There isn’t a day that goes by without my thinking of you.

    Love, Connie
    Doubt that Amazon has it, but who knows? It probably best to request it at the library.


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