Written by Susan N., Team Gene administrator.

Gene Augustin has pancreatic cancer and needs your help.

Gene had noticed stomach pain for months and saw several doctors who attributed the pain to ulcer, hernia, and acid reflux. Gene wasn’t convinced, and because of his persistence he persuaded his doctor to look further. After a battery of tests Pancreatic Cancer was suspected. Because of the seriousness of the diagnosis and, if operable, the difficulty of surgery, Gene was advised by his local oncologist to seek treatment at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) where they have extensive experience treating gastrointestinal cancers. So, Gene caught the first flight to Boston.

On January 22, 2013, after a week of investigative procedures at the MGH, Gene was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma (pancreatic cancer) at the head of the pancreas. This diagnosis was both shocking and devastating as Gene has been in excellent health his entire life and is very physically fit.

However there is some good news…
Because the cancer appears to be early stage, Gene was selected to participate in a clinical research trial. The clinical trial is to determine if short-term proton beam radiation in combination with an additional chemotherapy drug prior to surgery is effective in controlling cancer growth. (See Clinical Trial Link at right.)

Gene must fly to Boston each week for his treatments at MGH:

  • Preoperative treatments:
    • Proton Radiation: February 11-15
    • Low Dose Chemotherapy: February 11-22
  • Whipple Surgery: March 8
  • Post-operative hospital stay: March 8-12
  • Post-operative recuperation: 6 weeks minimum
  • Chemotherapy: 6 one-month cycles beginning April 22
  • Post-operative treatment and analysis: 2 years.
  • Ongoing assessment: from end of 2nd year to end of 5th year.

We know Gene has a long, difficult road ahead of him, and we are trying to do everything we can to support him and keep him physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy. Our hope is that Gene’s optimism and overall good health will help him prevail against this killer disease. Because of the extensive costs associated with traveling to Boston for treatments, along with other uncovered medical expenses and the loss of work while away, we are asking for donations.

Gene has given to all of us in his lifetime from scoutmaster, teacher, inventor, father, grandfather, swim coach, captain, to pancake chef and business owner. Please stand with us in our battle against cancer by giving today.

I asked for donations to help me with this cancer treatment and you stepped up to the plate. 100% percent of my goal has been achieved.
100% of donations go towards expenses for Gene’s medical treatment and recovery.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Additionally, we believe in the power of prayer, so, if your gift is to pray for Gene we are truly grateful.

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13 responses to “OVERVIEW

  1. Kimberly A. Hawkins

    my prayers and love are with YOU Geno! and your family. Cancer hit the wrong guy this time!!!


  2. Terry Augustin

    “Next year in Jerusalem” with a stopover at Peter Island, B.V.I.


  3. mi

    Our big Lake Cane Monster will scare the cancer away for us.


  4. Mark

    My thoughts and prayers are with you Geno!! I’ll help out with what I can!


  5. Chain of hands across the lake for Geno on 27th July


  6. Monika

    Our prayers and thoughts go out to you. We wish you lots of strength to beat this monster and pull through.


  7. Denni

    Susan: offering our good wishes, grand hopes and wealth of strength. To stay fit is a discipline in and of itself in which Gene has succeeded. To stay positive too requires the love of family, friends, will and faith.


  8. Elan

    Dear Dad, Be positive! I pray for you everyday! I love you~


  9. Kyle

    I hope you feel better.Be strong.


  10. Terry Augustin

    The Optimist
    by Terrymay S. Augustin,
    Orlando, FL 11/25/97

    You’re a man of distinction, a unique special mold,
    with tyraids and accolades and genius untold.
    There’s nary a deal nor a challenge you resist,
    “No”(?) to the world’s greatest optimist?

    You’ve boldly gone where cowards never go;
    high on the mountains and in those valleys so low.
    You’ve pulled your hair, you’ve slammed the door;
    “those voodoo microwave products must ship out the door!”

    I have to agree that there’s nothing more droller,
    then stressing about the DB controller.
    And you are right, it is pretty scary,
    if the project’s delayed until January.

    But keep your head and control your manner,
    what could be worse than a noisy scanner?
    Can you think of a more unpleasant situation
    then a microwave standard out of calibration?

    Happy Birthday Gene!


  11. Terry Augustin


    But with all this, just let me say that,
    when there’s a job to be done, you’re always at bat.
    You’ve gone through the fire and taken the blows,
    And you’ll always keep comin’ out, ‘smelling like a rose!”

    I love you Gene!


  12. Manny

    GOD is, and always’ll be with you. See you soon.


  13. Dan Hunnel

    While looking for co-workers at Technical Systems Associates (I was there 2001-2003), stumbled across this update about Gene’s condition — hope all is progressing well! Would appreciate hearing back; I’ve been trying to track down Dee and perhaps Joseph, too. And my wife works at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Orlando (MDACCO); you seem to be in good hands. We both send Gene our best wishes, and good luck.


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